Things To Do With Your Toddler This Fall For $10 Or Less

Fall is my favorite season, and this will be Maddy’s first one where she’s old enough to actually enjoy it. I want to make it memorable, so I’ve compiled a list of things that I plan to do with her, and that you can do with your toddler, too. All for around $10 or less.

1. Many local libraries have craft times and events for kids that are free
2. Like number 1, you could go to your local library and check out books for your toddler to learn about the season
3. Carve pumpkins (they can help scoop the guts!)
4. Decorate the house and yard Halloween
5. Go for a walk to enjoy the changing leaves (definitely on the East Coast!)
6. Instead of carving pumpkins, try painting faces and designs on them. Glitter, too. Ā šŸ˜€
7. Visit a pumpkin patch
8. Bake pumpkin seeds. There are lots of variations of ways to season them.
9. Go on a hayride.
10. The season wouldn’t be complete without watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.
11. Nor would it be complete without reading “The Biggest Pumpkin Ever”, by Steven Kroll.
12. I have fond memories of making those Pillsbury sugar cookies with the Halloween pumpkins and ghosts on them. They come in a roll in the refrigerator, kids can help slice them with guidance and a kid’s knife.
13. And lastly, one of my favorite things to do so far this season (Okay, we’re two days shy of Autumn), is to bundle Maddy up in the evening and take her for a walk around the neighborhood in her stroller. There’s definitely a trace of a chill in the air, and we may as well enjoy the fading daylight while it’s here. šŸ™‚


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