What the heck is doTERRA, and Why Would I Use it?

What is doTERRA?

doTERRA is a word that in Latin, means gift of the earth. doTERRA’s passion is essential oil, made from plants grown in their native habitats and harvested by the people of those lands through co-impact sourcing. Every single vial of oil they produce is CPTG, which means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.Their oils undergo rigorous testing done by an outside third party to ensure that they are of the utmost quality.doTERRA products are safe, natural and highly effective.

My first true experience with doTERRA was earlier this past Summer. One night, I went to bed feeling perfectly fine, and woke up in the early morning hours, feeling what had to have been one of the worst stomach pains I’ve ever had, next to giving birth. I still do not know what caused it.

For the next couple hours, I alternated between lying on the floor in pain, and trying to get comfortable in the tub. I took several Tylenol. It got to the point where I was begging Eric to take me to the ER, but because I was in between health insurances at the time, he convinced to wait a little longer. He got his mom to see if she could shed any light on the subject. With her, she brought her tube of Deep Blue, one of the most popular doTERRA products. Having taking Tylenol, and trying a warm bath, which almost always does it for me, I had very little faith that some silly essential oil concoction would make any difference. About 3o minutes later, I was sleeping peacefully on the couch, smelling very minty from the deep blue.


The next morning when I woke up, I thought how very surprised and impressed I was. I can’t say exactly how I got into using doTERRA regularly, it just slowly happened. I started using one oil, then began trying new ones, and other doTERRA products as well. My collection is still growing.

In the beginning, I knew I loved their oils, and could appreciate their purity and effectiveness, I just didn’t know exactly how to go about incorporating them into my lifestyle. My essential oil knowledge was very minimal before learning about doTERRA.

Each person has their own personal story about how and why they use doTERRA. Sometimes it’s by stumbling across it by accident, or, like me, being introduced to it by someone they know who uses it. For anyone out there who is considering changing up their lifestyle and taking a more natural approach, keep on reading, and I will walk you through my steps I take everyday when I use doTERRA.

In the morning…when I’m in the kitchen giving Maddy breakfast, I take two bone nutrient supplements, and two of the phytoestrogen ones, which combined, are an awesome duo to help support female hormone harmony! The ClaryCalm rollerball came with the two supplements as part of the women’s health kit, and I usually do a swipe of that across my wrists and/or stomach. By the way, ClaryCalm smells ahhhmazing. Are you familiar with Aveda hair products? Well, it smells something like that. I also enjoy having a nice tall glass of water with Wild Orange essential oil. I do about 4-6 drops in your standard drinking glass. It’s such a nice taste, and Wild Orange certainly is uplifting. It’s become part of my regular morning routine. I find that when I am adding oils to my water, I drink a great deal more.



Right before I head out the door to work…I usually do one more swipe of ClaryCalm, ya know, because being at work can bring out my inner crazy witch. Funny fact, recently at work, a co-worker asked me if I was wearing Juicy Couture. She must have been smelling the ClaryCalm.

I also add a either Wild Orange, Lemon, or Peppermint to my water bottle. I think it’s better than sipping on plain water all day.

At lunchtime I usually…put a drop of peppermint on my temples, because it’s not uncommon for me to have a headache at this point! Also like to do lavender in addition to peppermint. These two combined can help ease the pain. And peppermint is good for overall mental alertness.



When I get home from work I usually…have a glass of water with Lemon oil. In the evening, I go for a run and put Breathe, doTERRA’s respiratory blend, on my chest.

I also made a couple discoveries with Wild Orange. 1. It’s good added to iced coffee, and 2., after pouring a glass of wine into a glass that had orange in it, I realized how much it compliments the red wine. Slim and Sassy blend is another good one in water, or added to smoothies.


As my collections grows, I’ve been coming up with new ways to use the oils. It amazes me how many ways in which they can be used. I mean Lemon, for example; what else can you clean with, and then drink!?

For more information about the different oils and products, or to join doTERRA, check out my website :

http://www.mydoterra.com/meganadams7 🙂





















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