Taming Your Mommy Alter Ego, Momzilla

Some days, things are just dandy in the life of a mom. Your little one wakes up in  a wonderful mood, eats well without fuss, doesn’t smear poop all over her crib, and gives lots of cuddles.

Some days, your angel wakes up in the sassiest, crankiest mood, throws every last ravioli onto the floor, gets poop in her hair when she’s supposed to be napping, and bitch slaps you across the face. These, my friends, are the days that make me want to hide in the bathroom and cry.

Now that our Maddy isn’t an itty bitty baby anymore, she’s been experiencing some big girl emotions-good, bad, and  ugly. We’re learning along with her how to calm those moments of frustration, and stop tantrums in their tracks.

As Maddy learns how to navigate all of these new feelings, I’ve been finding myself getting very stressed out and overwhelmed when she’s having a particularly bad day. So I’m continually trying to teach myself new ways to relax, and remind myself that this too shall pass. I want to to share some of these with you other momzillas.

  1. When Maddy is getting bored and cranky, but it’s raining, too cold to go outside, or if she’s just plain miserable, I’ll throw on her shoes, strap her into her car seat, and we go on a mini Mommy-Maddy date to Dunkin Donuts. Does that sound lame? Well, it almost always works. There’s just something about going for a ride in the car that resets things. She enjoys going through the drive thru, and knows if she’s good she’ll get a small treat. And us moms can always use that caffeine.
  2. Turn the radio on. If we’re upstairs folding laundry, I notice that she tends to be happier listening to the music rather than mom grumbling.
  3. Three words: Bath. Chocolate. Wine. This is what I did last night. After the kids go to bed, there’s no shame in sitting in a hot bath, eating chocolate and drinking wine. Super relaxing. Sometimes you just gotta do something for you in order to function and reset your calm.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, caffeine, or lack of, can make or break a mom’s day. Since having Maddy, I’ve found there to be something very calming and rewarding about making a single cup of coffee for myself. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, do whatever you do for that extra perk. Dark chocolate can give you a similar boost to coffee.
  5. If all else fails, schedule some mom-time, and set it in stone! Whether it be making an appointment to get your hair done, or even to get a facial. And it’s not just that set amount of time that you can enjoy, it gives you something on the calendar  to look forward to in those moments of sheer chaos and frustration.

When Maddy was still an infant, I would feel guilty thinking that I needed a break to have time to myself. I thought that I should always be wearing my mom cape. Now I know how silly that was. There’s no way NOT to have time to ourselves and relax when we need it.

Cheers, momzillas.


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