Happy Halloween, Witches!

14914912_10209645577509518_1759829549_n.jpgIt’s finally Halloween, my favorite holiday of the whole year. It’s a cool, sunny morning here in New Hampshire, with leaves scattered all about and frost nipping at our Jack o’lantern’s nose.

If things go right, we plan to go out for a Halloween breakfast, hopefully without our scary goblin toddler, who is as I type throwing a monstrous fit.

Speaking of the devil, she’s sporting her Halloween tutu from her New Hampshire grammy, and her Halloween onesie from her Massachusetts grammy. We hope to take her trick-or-treating, but she bats her hands at us when we try to put on her pumpkin costume. So we may end up taking her out wearing what she has on.

As for myself, I plan to dress up as white trailer trash. Now, now, don’t judge. I’m not planning on doing anything rude or crude. Just some curlers in my hair, maybe a cutoff¬†lynyrd skynyrd t-shirt, pajama pants, and tasteless, heavy makeup ūüėČ ¬†Pictures to follow.

May your day be spooky, filled with lots of candy, treats, and all the pumpkin spice a girl can handle!




Beauty Is Bizarre

14875375_10209638145123713_1253086775_n.jpgWe will do the strangest things in exchange for younger skin, thinner thighs, longer hair, and so on. But some of the things that you may not think of as strange actually are, if you think about it.

Exfoliation: Rubbing a layer of flesh off your face.

Facial: Paying someone to squeeze goo out of your face with metal stick.

Sugar scrub: Rubbing baking supplies on yourself in the shower.

Pumice stone: Using a rock to scrape skin off your feet.

Hair straightener: An ironing board for your hair.

Pore strips: Plucking pores with a big nose-shaped sticker.

Lip liner: A marker for drawing a circle around your mouth.

Strange, don’t ya think? Stay pretty my friends.

Coffee Therapy


Ever since being a mom, I’ve found peace and happiness in making a cup of coffee for myself. Something about the smell, the process, and the promise of a pick-me-up is very therapeutic for me. Having a cup of coffee can make or break my day. It can totally transform a bad, sluggish afternoon into one of inspiration and productivity. I sometimes like to add peppermint for an extra mental boost.


It’s weird. Some days I’ll have a cup of coffee, and it’s as if I haven’t even had it. It doesn’t give me that oomph I need. Then other days, like yesterday, it’s as if I’m seeing the world in color for the first time, and nothing can touch my good mood. I don’t know how people do drugs, because sometimes I can’t even handle a coffee buzz!


Some people don’t dare drink coffee after a certain time for fear it will keep them up. I fortunately do not have this problem, and enjoy a steaming cup of vitality at any time of the day.

Just talking about coffee has put me in a better mood. Have you had your cup today?

For Those Who Are Unsure About Taking The Road Less Traveled

I have a theory that I’ve talked a little bit about before. It goes like this: we should feel free to explore other life paths other than going to college, going into major debt, finding a job we don’t love, and slaving away for a nice home/car/etc that we can’t actually enjoy…because we’re working non-stop for those things. And no, I am not bashing working for a living. Like I’ve said before, I’m just standing up for the¬†living¬†part.

Here’s some inspiration for those of you who feel similar to how I feel, and for those who need some encouragement.

  1. My mom was talking to a psychiatrist friend the other day, and somehow I came up in the conversation. My mom told her about my “rebellious” thoughts, how I think we need to rethink the traditional career path. The psychiatrist was impressed, and said this was very wise.
  2. I was watching Arthur with Maddy the other day. Remember that kids show!? Anyway, it was an episode about going to college. Muffy, a rich girl who is one of the main characters, was bragging about her father going to an ivy league school. Fast forward to the end of the episode, and Muffy’s father explains that he never went to college. He had a plaque from an Ivy league school hanging on his wall because he donated a library! Maybe I’m thinking about this too much, but it really struck a chord with me when I saw on a kids show that the most wealthy and successful character says that he did¬†not go to college. I think that is a good message.

I apologize for the rant. My hope is that someone feels inspired and encouraged reading this.

Parenting Hack To Get Kids To Eat Healthy, Whole Grain Cereal

Maddy is SO picky with food. If you’re eating it and she sees you, she’ll want some no matter what it is. But put it in front of her ¬†and she doesn’t want it.

Cereal is a staple food and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have at least one kind they really like. Kashi’s shredded wheat cereals are my favorite, especially the cinnamon one. They’re also organic, so what’s not to love?

Once Maddy hit the picky-with-food stage, I had to come up with new foods to try her with, and clever ways of giving it to. Like, spinach in smoothies.

When I’m crunched for time and want to give her something that I’ll know she’ll eat, and that’s healthy, I bring out the Kashi. What I do is pour some in a mug, pour in a little bit of milk, and let the shredded wheat absorb the milk so that they’re soft. I then spoon them out and put them on her tray to gobble up.

Doing it this way is great because she gets the milk with the cereal without the mess of spilling, and she can easily pick the cereal up without needing utensils. Give it a try!