Be Thankful It’s Not The Holidays

14585435_10209392817150667_1861119655_nLet me start off by saying that I love the holiday season. Just this morning, I was having a conversation about the plans for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner-where, who, what, etc. Then we were chatting about our family’s Secret Santa plans. Talking about Christmas and Thanksgiving gave my mood a big boost, because I know that they’re both just around the corner, whether we want to believe it or not.

Now that it’s October, it’s a slippery slope until we start planning Thanksgiving menus, begin shopping for gifts, and are singing Auld Lang Syne to ring in the New Year. But let’s stop.

For the past several years, I’ve found myself on Christmas eve feeling giddy with excitement, but also a little nostalgic. I think back on the past Summer, and wonder where it all went to so fast? What happened to those dog days of Summer, and those hot August nights? Or the first day of school, and carving pumpkins on Halloween?

As much as I love the holiday season, I also find it to be quite stressful at times. All the running around, searching for the perfect gifts, and making elaborate meals. I think what we all ought to do is slow down this year.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up and are enjoying your morning coffee/tea/smoothie/soda, and you look out at the foliage, enjoy it. And be thankful we aren’t in the midst of another hectic holiday season…at least not yet.


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