Scrub Your Booty With Coffee

I’m always on the hunt for awesome, true-to-their-word beauty products, and it’s a bonus if I can DIY it. Sugar and salt scrubs seem to be all the rage these days. Recently I read about a different type of exfoliator: coffee grounds. Say what?

It seemed plausible, and more importantly, simple to do. So I gave it a shot. 14619959_10209440373259540_1274491715_n

Using melted coconut oil and Gevalia coffee grounds, I mixed the two together and my scrub was born.

I scooped my creation into a tupperware container, and let the oil harden back to it’s original state. That night when I jumped into the shower, I was eager to try it out.

I’ve heard that exfoliating your bottom with coffee grounds helps to rejuvenate the skin and scare off cellulite, so I tackled that area first.

It felt kinda weird and almost tickled, but the grounds definitely had some exfoliating power. I massaged it into my upper thighs for about 30 seconds, then rinsed the scrub off.

My thighs were left a little pink afterwards, but they felt incredibly smooth, thanks to the coconut oil.

I don’t know yet whether the coffee scrub is helping to vanish cellulite, but I do believe the exfoliation is helping to get the blood flowing there, and I love how soft my skin feels afterward.

Sometimes I use the scrub on my hands, and it does a wonderful job of keeping them soft. It makes me want to shake everyone’s hand after using it! I did not add any essential oils to mine, but if you wanted a fragrance, you could certainly do so. Orange oil would be nice and uplifting.

Go  ahead and scrub your booty with coffee, I’d love to hear what you think.


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