Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday

14620109_10209440628705926_1024770908_nThanksgiving is my favorite holiday…next to Halloween. I should rephrase that. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the holiday season. A lot of people would probably choose Christmas or the New Year, because of the gifts and partying, but I think Thanksgiving trumps them both.

As a young kid, I loved Christmas for the simple fact that I got gifts. I think most people would agree with this statement. But now that I’m older and have a family of my own, I’ve realized that there’s much to appreciate about the simplicity of Thanksgiving and the meaning of this day.

  1. It’s literally a day to appreciate how GOOD your life is, and we come together around a table of delicious food to do this.
  2. You get to see friends and family you haven’t seen in a while.
  3. There’s no pressure to get the perfect gift or to spend lots of money.
  4. There’s usually an abundance of funny stories, and entertaining guests.
  5. You can dress up nice, or not. And that’s ok.
  6. It’s the perfect way to kick-off the holiday season, and it’s full of anticipation of the coming month.
  7. I love getting together with family, and when the Thanksgiving dinner is over and your guests leave, you know you’ll likely be seeing them several times over the next few weeks.
  8. You’re supposed to eat until you’re stuffed.
  9. There’s usually a ton of delicious leftovers.
  10. If you really like Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving is usually when the Christmas music starts playing on the radio 🙂

Happy early Thanksgiving, don’t rush October.


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