A Poem About Target

My mom powers can’t defeat

The lure of Target from across the street

I walk in with a simple agenda

Toothpaste, socks, and paper towels

I walk out with striped shirts, fuzzy slippers, and PJs with owls

Don’t hold me responsible, the place is a wonderland

With promises of chic decor and tasty treats,

Monogrammed plates, I’m at your command

There’s a $1 section right inside the door

With seasonal goodies that have you begging for more

Every which way, the sights dazzle and delight

Turkey napkin rings for Thanksgiving night

Pink q-tips, glitter stationery, the latest water bottles too

I wave my debit card and say “Alakazoo”

Our holiday guests simply must eat off of foliage dishware

Christmas tree ladles? I’ll take the pair!

Now shoppers, wait, there’s still more

A little surprise as I head towards the door

I swipe my plastic and what’s there that I see?

All of my loot came to $26.93!




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