Que Bella Face Mask Review

14699769_10209448453621544_998000044_nWhen I’m strolling down the aisles of Target, all bets are off and you never know what I may come home with. A couple months ago I stumbled across a line of face masks by a company called “Que Bella”. So far I’ve only seen them in cute little individual packets meant for a one time use.

My skin has been troublesome since I was a teenager, so my interest was immediately caught. One of my issues is my skin’s dull appearance, so yesterday when I was at Target I picked out two masks, one for energizing skin, and one for brightening skin.

The one I tried last night was the Vitamin C peel off mask meant to help energize skin.

When I opened the foil packet and put the first bit on my finger, my first thought was how sticky it was. The smell was wonderful, like a citrusy-floral smell. Plenty of mask comes in one packet, so I was able to lay it on thick. Washing it all off of my fingers afterwards took some soap and scrubbing, but that just means it has extra pore-purging power, right?

The instructions on the back said to wait 20 minutes for the mask to dry (or until your face is toned and tightened). Not wanting to scare my family off with my gooey facial appearance, I waited out the time in the bathroom doing some planks, wall squats, etc.

The mask is transparent, and as it was drying I was noticing in the mirror that my tone seemed to be a little more even than it normally is. About 15 minutes had gone by when someone was knocking at the bathroom door, so I pulled off what I could and planned to rinse the rest off in the shower.

When peeling it off, I felt how smooth my skin was, and could certainly see that it was a little perkier and brighter. This morning, I can still see some lasting “energy” from using it last night. This is probably my favorite one that I’ve tried of this brand before, and I do intend to use it again.





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