Melt In Your Mouth Homemade Croutons

Croutons are on my list of things I try to avoid eating, but I can’t deny the fact that they are essential to any good salad. I’ve been craving chicken Caesar salad all day, so I got creative and came up with a way to make my own croutons, and I was not let down.

First, I started with a slice of whole grain sandwich bread, and cut it into crouton-sized pieces. Earlier today I made roasted garlic in the oven, so I used the leftover olive oil from that and poured a little in a small pan. I add the bread chunks to the pan, and swirled them around in the olive oil over medium heat. I let them sit while I was making Maddy’s dinner, but be sure to stir every couple minutes. At first they looked like this:


I let them continue to toast until they were getting harder and noticeably brown. It’s up to your own personal taste how crunchy you want them. I took mine off the stove when they looked like this:


Brown, crispy, and beautiful.

I let them cool, then added them to my Caesar salad. They were absolutely delicious. Part of what added to the flavor was the fact that I had used the olive oil to roast garlic in, so it had that nice garlicky flavor. You could season them anyway that you like. I’m amazed by how simple these were to make, and you could try it with different types of bread. I definitely plan to make these puppies again.






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