Advice On Aging Gracefully From Those Who Have Done So

14643045_10209491199530165_1858576069_nThe fountain of youth does not exist. Though we try and try to find it. It seems we’ll do anything in exchange for the looks of years since passed. Vampire facial (micro needling), anyone?

Over the years, I’ve heard bits of advice from women in my life whom I have seen age beautifully and gracefully before my eyes. I will share three of these pieces of sage advice.

  1. Red Wine. This should not be surprising. Despite the back and forth scientific studies done to determine whether wine really does slow aging (or at least help it happen more gracefully), I hold onto my belief that resveratrol is a wonderful thing.
  2. Olive oil. It is full of health benefits, including the ability to help lower bad cholesterol, keep the heart healthy, and keep skin looking young. Fun fact, the woman who told me about this had just seen her doctor, who congratulated her on her excellent blood work. She credits it to olive oil and wine.
  3. Oil of Olay. This was told to me by my hairdresser. Words cannot explain how great she looks, not even just for her age. I learned a few months ago that she is 45, and I was shocked. She looks like she is no older than 35. The trick she told me was told to her by her grandmother. Apparently putting Oil of Olay around her eyes everyday has helped her to maintain her youthful looks. And I believe it. She is also a lover of red wine.

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