Do You Squirm Under Other Moms’ Scrutiny?

I always try to do the grocery shopping on Saturday nights after Maddy goes to bed. I actually enjoy the time to myself, and like shopping. It’s a little sad that a trip to the grocery store is my mom relaxation time, but I’ll take what I can get.

Because things came up, I was not able to go last night, which meant I had to bring Maddy along with me this morning. When she was younger, she would sit in the shopping cart, let me buckle her in, and act adorable, attracting lots of looks of adoration from other shoppers. Now, I’m lucky if she hasn’t managed to toss off her shoes and socks during the short trek across the parking lot and into the store. She absolutely refuses to sit in the cart seat, but will settle for standing up in the back. I let her do this, because if I don’t she will throw a fit. That sounds awful, doesn’t it?

The truth is, it doesn’t bother me. Yes, it would look better and be more appropriate if she sat down and were buckled. But she has more fun sitting in the back, holding groceries in her lap, and I know she isn’t going anywhere. I’d rather her stand in the shopping cart than let her walk and have to chase her everywhere. Some kids I see in the store walk so well next to their parents. Maddy is a wild child, and a bull in a china shop. It would be a disaster if I let her walk next to me.

I’ve noticed that when I do this, I get mixed looks from people. They are never rude, but with some people I can just tell that they are critiquing me. Others look at Maddy, smile, and wave. Maybe they think it’s too dangerous for her to stand up in the shopping cart. Or maybe, they think I ought to discipline her more. The truth is, I don’t care what they think.

If I were to put my foot down and be adamant that Maddy sit down and be buckled in, she would have a screaming fit and I’d probably get the exact same looks. Now that I’m a mom, I sometimes surprise myself. Pre-momhood, I would have turned bright red and  been mortified by people looking at me negatively. But now, I am fortunately able to let things roll off of my shoulders.

Because the truth is, my allowing Maddy to stand up in the shopping cart is a better parenting move than taking a chance of her running away from me or accidentally breaking something. Cheers to you other moms that I’ve seen letting your kid stand up 🙂

What about you, do you squirm when you get the hairy eyeball from people?


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