A Unique, Relaxing Bedtime Routine For Your Toddler

Now that Maddy is getting older and goes to bed at a regular time every night, we’ve established a routine. Every evening after she finishes her dinner, I get her down from her highchair and she knows to head to the bathroom for a bath. After the tub, we go upstairs and get her into her pajamas. Once that’s done, I scoop her up and we grab the little plastic pitcher that came with the diffuser we keep on her dresser.

We go downstairs, add a few drops of essential into the pitcher (usually On Guard, the immune supporting blend, or Wild Orange), fill it with water, and then go back upstairs. We pour the water into the diffuser and turn it on. Maddy watches, mesmerized, as the steam dances out of the machine.


You can just make out the steam coming out of the diffuser.

Seeing the steam, smelling the aroma of the essential oil, and watching the diffuser light up different colors are all very exciting for a toddler, and soothing. My mom ordered our diffuser for us off of Amazon as a gift. I need to clean it out every couple of weeks, but overall I am very satisfied with it. If I fill it to the max, it diffuses for an hour and a half to two hours, then shuts itself off. I like that it has the option of lighting up different colors. This allows Maddy to watch it do its thing from her crib.

It’s nice walking into the room and immediately taking in the smell of the oil. Tonight we used Wild Orange, which is very pleasant and uplifting. We don’t generally do lavender because (knock on wood) Maddy sleeps very well, but it is great for relaxation. I recommended it to a friend of mine who’s son was having difficulty falling asleep at night.

If your kiddo (or even yourself) is having trouble sleeping at night, or you just want to incorporate something new into your nightly routine conducive of sleep, then I would suggest a diffuser.


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