Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy PB & Cookies Ice Cream Review

14741118_10209522299587647_1448036692_nEarlier this year, Ben & Jerry’s released their first non-dairy ice cream. Instead of using cow’s milk, they are making the ice cream with almond milk.

The past few months I have been avoiding dairy for numerous reasons. But like hell was I going to let that stop me from enjoying my beloved ice cream. I’m a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s, and I figured since they’re so popular, they must have been making non-dairy ice cream for ages now. Wrong.

Since their almond milk ice cream is so new, I have only seen three flavors in stores: PB & Cookies, Chunky Monkey, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I’ve tried Chunky Monkey and PB & Cookies. I have to say that I was not a fan of the Chunky Monkey. The flavor just seemed off. I think it would have tasted fine had it been regular milk. Something about the almond milk just doesn’t seem to fit with that flavor.


There’s something about untouched ice cream that makes it look so good!

The PB & Cookies, though, was delicious. The label in the picture is a little bit difficult to read. PB & Cookies consists of “vanilla with chocolate sandwich cookies & crunchy peanut butter swirls”. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

As far as texture goes, I haven’t noticed any difference between the almond milk flavors and the regular ones. Trust me, I’ve eaten enough to know.

The “crunchy peanut butter swirls”, and “chocolate sandwich cookies”? Those were awesome. B&J’s haven’t slacked on their recipe. There were just as many chunks of deliciousness as there always is.


In my opinion, the only difference is the ice cream itself. There is a very subtle note about the ice cream that reminds you it’s not regular milk, but I’d be hard pressed to say exactly what it is. It does not take away from the flavor, either.


Peanut butter 😀

Overall, I’d say that the almond milk PB & Cookies flavor is one of my favorites of any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. If I couldn’t eat dairy and this was my only choice, I would be perfectly content with that. I plan to try the other almond milk flavors, but so far this is my favorite.


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