Do The Girls Of Instagram Really Exist?

14697030_10209521495367542_1587686850_nThe picture to the right is a screenshot of my Pinterest board “Pretty”. Notice how picturesque and polished everything looks.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but wonder where these women hide out?

Where do the lean, well put together creatures of Instagram and Pinterest spend their waking hours?

Do they live in the shadows of Sephora, or behind the counter of Starbucks?


What’s hiding behind the camera that we don’t see? Who’s face do the perfectly manicured nails holding the coffee belong to?

Maybe it’s the area that I live in, but I have yet to spot a real life female of this caliber. Just like Fantasy is a genre, I think “Millennial Girls” should be another.

If I had to analyze what’s going on in these pictures, and the reason they are being taken, I’d say it’s to capture a moment that qualifies as “perfect” in today’s standards. Just a brief moment of sheer picture-perfection. Like an iced coffee before it starts to melt, posed next to a tantalizing cinnamon dessert before it has any bites taken out. Or a bath that has begun to brim with bubbles, and the bottle of champagne skillfully placed on the edge of the tub, unopened of course. It’s to show the beholder of the photo how relaxed the girl wearing the red pumps is, and how much fun she will have after opening the bottle.

But what happens after the photo is snapped? Does the girl with the Starbucks end up spilling it all over herself and the floor of her BMW? Then find a hair in her dessert?

And the woman in the tub,  does the bottle of champagne slip out of her wet hands, break open in the water, and then does she have to abort mission? I suppose we’ll never know.

It seems to me that pictures such as these are meant to evoke certain emotions in us. Admiration, inspiration, and jealousy, just to name a few. I suppose if I cleaned my tub, put some votive candles on the edge, found a babysitter, shaved my legs, ordered a LUSH bath bomb online, and carefully snapped a photo without dropping my phone in the water, then yes, I too could make it look like my bathtub were a scene from a spa.But that all seems like too much work.

If you’re one of those creatures of perfection who bleeds arabica bean coffee, could you fill us normal people in on your secret?





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