PSA: Eating Vegetables Makes You Prettier

Hey! Did you know that fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to look and feel our absolute hottest? No kidding! It’s true!

Seems like people either forget or don’t grasp this fact. We’re always looking for the fountain of youth, the latest and greatest miracle creams that promise results overnight, and the trendiest, fastest ways to lose weight. Has it not crossed our minds that the food we put into ourselves literally makes up what we are? Yes, we really are what we eat.

Our bodies can’t maintain a  healthy weight and achieve glowing skin if they don’t have the right ingredients to do so. Go ahead and call BS on me, but I’ve got a little secret…I’ve been wearing the same jeans since high school 😀 I credit it to eating right.

A lot of people unfortunately have the idea that eating healthy has to be awful and bland. Not true, my friends. Here is my dinner: 14801092_10209525826955829_1446430058_n

I think that looks pretty damn good! What you are seeing is romaine lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, hard boiled egg, homemade whole grain croutons, a little bit of grated parmesan, all covered in a delicious “dressing” of olive oil infused with the flavor or roasted garlic (which I made in that very olive oil earlier today). It was fantastic.

I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to make some healthy adjustments. Do it for the sake of your butt and glowing skin!


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