So Delicious Brand Coconut Milk Yogurt Review

14793845_10209530641996202_173784438_n.jpgYesterday I did a review of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy ice cream.

Sticking to the non-dairy theme, I thought I would do one more review.

This one is about coconut milk yogurt. If you’re like me and are trying to avoid dairy for any reason, whether it be you’re lactose intolerant, or just choose not to eat it, then you’ve probably already asked “What am I supposed to eat for yogurt?” .

I’ve seen in stores coconut milk and almond milk yogurt, but had never tried either until a couple months ago when I cut out most dairy.

When it comes to yogurt, I’m not picky. I just need something to get the job done: something that tastes good, can be mixed with granola, and can be added to smoothies. Coconut or almond, I don’t care.

The grocery store I shop at usually has a sale 4/$5 on the brand So Delicious coconut milk yogurt, which is what I was normally paying for other brands, like Oikos or Yoplait.

The downside I’ve noticed is that there are not as many flavors of coconut milk yogurt as there are of regular milk. There’s usually only strawberry, blueberry, vanilla and plain. This isn’t a big deal for me because I like all those flavors, and usually get plain anyways.

Getting down to the technical stuff: taste, texture, and comparison to regular yogurt.

Taste: For the purpose of my review, I chose strawberry because it is a very popular flavor across the boards. The coconut milk yogurt had little chunks of strawberry, just like a lot of regular ones do. As far as tasting like strawberry, well, it certainly did. I was satisfied with the flavor and could tell no difference between cow’s milk strawberry and coconut milk strawberry.


Strawberry coconut milk yogurt.

Texture: It is very, very subtle, but there is a tiny difference in texture. I think cow’s milk yogurt is a little creamier, but that’s not to say better. They are just different. Because I was paying attention to such details, I was able to pick up on it, but most people probably would not.

Overall comparison: If you like your yogurt to come in lots of different flavors and like greek yogurt (which I have yet to see in coconut milk), then stick with the dairy (if you have the option).

But if your diet limits your from consuming cow’s milk yogurt, the So Delicious brand of coconut milk yogurt is an excellent alternative.

Also, in comparison to the cow’s milk yogurt nutrition facts that I’ve looked at, the coconut milk is very similar.


Strawberry coconut milk yogurt nutrition label. 


The moral of the story: I would recommend So Delicious brand yogurt to those who can’t or choose not to eat dairy, and I think it’s the next best thing to dairy yogurt.



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