Blast Away Stress With Dead Sea Minerals

14798893_10209543363154223_1492559317_n.jpgToday I am going to be reviewing Freeman’s Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask. As you can see from the picture, it’s been used quite a bit. Let’s get to it!

I’ll jump right in. The purpose of this mask is to clear and purify your pores, and rid you of any stress with the aromas of Lavender and Bergamot.  The mask contains Dead Sea minerals, which contain supplements that help maintain healthy skin.14798855_10209543363034220_1169307558_n.jpg

The picture below shows what the mask looks like.


The mask is a pretty teal color.

The Dead Sea Minerals mask smells…I suppose like lavender. I’m not sure what Bergamot smells like, but it’s for aromatherapy. Either way, I like the smell of it. It’s teal in color, and is thick like clay. It’s easy to apply to your face, and has a cool feeling when you put it on.

The directions say to apply, let dry, and rinse with warm water. “Let dry” does not indicate a specific amount of minutes the mask should be worn for, but I find that when I put enough on so that my whole face is covered, it takes about 10-15 minutes to try.

Some face masks feel itchy and uncomfortable as they dry, but I haven’t encountered that with this one. I usually do other things while waiting for masks to dry, but I could easily lay down and relax with this one (I wish!).

Once the mask is dry, I either splash my face with warm water until it’s all off, or use a warm, damp washcloth. A word of advice, make sure you get it all off, otherwise you might be walking around with a blue spot or two.

When it’s all off and I look in the mirror, my skin looks like it’s had some life breathed into it. It is also very soft.

My overall impression:  I generally opt for more “aggressive” masks that exfoliate and tackle troublesome skin. Not so much for relaxation.  I did like the  Dead Sea Minerals mask, though. It had a nice texture and a pretty scent. It would be perfect for relaxing in the bath tub. But if you’re looking to accomplish something more than relaxation, I’d go with one of Freeman’s many other masks, like the Black Sugar and Charcoal Polishing mask. Now that is a great mask!


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