I’d Rather Get Drunk At Home, Thanks

14797371_10209551495077516_1054358073_n.jpgBeing the “young” age we are, Eric and I get asked to go out with friends quite a bit. Both friends that do and don’t have kids. The ones with kids usually get it when we say “not tonight”, but I get the feeling they’re thinking to themselves “You guys are getting lame.” Even in our pre-kid days, neither one of us were super big into partying. Eric was probably more social than me, though.

I guess I just don’t get it. I don’t see the fun in going out on a Friday night after a long day, getting drunk, making an ass of myself, and possibly waking up on my front lawn. I’d much rather be at home, becoming one with the couch. At home, I can wear what I want. Eric thinks my sheep pajama pants are just as sexy as some tight jeans and a nice shirt..I hope 😀 At home, I can let my hair down, watch Netflix, and stuff myself with ice cream. No shame. I actually thoroughly enjoy a nice wine buzz, watching Iliza Shlesinger do stand-up!

Call me “anti-social”, but what are people accomplishing drinking out that they can’t do at home?  Pretty sure I could do a keg stand in my own living room.

At the risk of sounding like an old lady, let me say that if  I stay out too late, my legs start to ache, I get cold, and I fantasize about taking a hot shower. I feel like Dorothy Zbornak from ‘Golden Girls’. Maybe in my “younger days” of two years ago, I would have been able to go out drinking and bounce back just fine the next morning, but now that I have a toddler to chase, there would be some serious, serious hell to pay. It comes in the form of a sippy cup thrown at the head.

I’m told one of the nice things about having kids young is that when Maddy is old enough to take care of herself, I’ll still be young and can enjoy it. When my friends are at the “normal” age to be having kids, mine will be all grown. Hah.

Then, maybe I’ll go out for a drink. Cheers!

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