Jergens’ New Award Winning Lotion…That I Keep In The Shower

14793731_10209553896897560_746643497_n.jpgToday I will be reviewing Jergens new Wet Skin Moisturizer, which won Allure’s 2015 Breakthrough Award.

Most of us probably think how odd it would it would be to apply lotion to wet skin, but Jergens has gone and changed some minds. Their new moisturizer is unique because it is meant to be put on right after getting out of the shower, to lock in skin’s moisture.

Here’s what my experience was:

The smell of this lotion is very familiar, but I can’t place my finger on from where. It is made with Monoi oil. I’m not sure what Monoi is, but I do like the fragrance. It’s very feminine. When I put it on, it’s usually right before bed, but I can still faintly smell it on my clothes when I wake up in the morning. It’s not overpowering though, not in my opinion.

When I’ve just stepped out of the shower and have not dried off yet, I apply the lotion. The best way to describe the feel of it is oily. My skin is still wet, and after slabbing on lotion, it does feel a little slimy and I usually wash my hands after.


The directions on the back of the bottle say to pat dry after applying, and that’s all you need to do. Once I’ve done that, it feels less oily and my skin is sooo soft. It also seems to glow. This moisturizer truly does lock in moisture. If I were going to a big event and wanted to look my best, I’d put this on beforehand because it makes your skin look fabulous. 


As I mentioned, I put this on in the evening before going to bed. There’s usually an hour or two between showering and going to sleep, and my skin still looks luminous when my head hits the pillow. 


The only thing I don’t  like about this lotion is the greasy feeling it has at first. Other than that, I really like it, and I would recommend it. I’m hoping that it helps keep my skin from getting dry this upcoming winter!


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