Candle Scents I Wish Existed


  1. First cup of coffee in the morning
  2. Vince Vaughn..something musky?
  3. Hocus Pocus…pumpkin-y and Autumn-y?
  4. Hot shower
  5. Glitter…Floral and girly?
  6. Popping Champagne..Spices and musk?
  7. Autumn bonfires
  8. Wine buzz
  9. Thanksgiving dinner
  10. Garlic
  11. Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant
  12. Girl’s Night Out
  13. Halloween candy
  14. Childhood
  15. Getting a facial
  16. A good night’s sleep
  17. Nail salon…yes I’m a weirdo
  18. Yankee Candle…the building when you first walk in. So I guess all the candles combined?
  19. New England…Something Fallish and woodsy?
  20. First bite of soft serve ice cream



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