When Your Child Throws A Fit, You Bake Holiday Goodness


14875386_10209590742058666_1310581742_nToday Maddy took an unusually long 3 hour nap. I was beginning to wonder what to do with the spare time. Since her nap was so long, I figured she would wake up in a wonderful mood and be a little angel the rest of the day.

Apparently I was way off. What I walked into was like a scene from The Exorcist. When I first walked in the room to get her from her nap, she was cuddly and quiet, then for no obvious reason she went into full rage mode. The tantrum combined with the super long nap makes me think she must be going through a growth spurt.

The fit lasted a good twenty minutes, which doesn’t seem long in retrospect. But during it, all I could think about was what could have caused such a meltdown. Because she flipped out if I even tried to hold her, I knew Maddy would need some serious convincing to calm down.


14826274_10209590742418675_1022884515_nThen I thought about how much she relaxes during car rides, and within minutes we were out the door. I decided our destination would be the grocery store, and our mission was to get some Pillsbury pumpkin sugar cookies.

Well, the first store I tried was a doozy. I thought every store across America carried those rolls of sugar cookie dough with the pumpkin shape in the middle?? I’m disappointed to say that the second store we tried didn’t have them either, but at least we were able to find Pillsbury pumpkin flavored cookies. Boo.

Fast forward a couple hours. Maybe it was the car ride, or the aroma of pumpkin cookies baking in the oven, that helped Maddy to finally calm down. More than that, she was actually very well behaved, borderline angelic.

Some may say it’s bad parenting to “reward” a tantrum-throwing toddler with sugar cookies, but the joke’s on those people, because I actually didn’t know what parenting move to make this afternoon. Apparently a pumpkin flavored one fit the bill.



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