Burning Extra Calories In My Bathroom Ballroom

14826298_10209595884427222_2075997561_n.jpgDon’t judge me, but when I’m giving Maddy a bath and we’re home alone, I close the bathroom door and pull up Youtube on my phone. I pick my tunes, turn up the volume, and suddenly our bathroom is transformed into a mommy dance club. The only thing we’re missing is a shiny disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and glitter all over. Stilettos would be nice, too 😀

I may look like a dancing fool, but let me tell you, once Maddy is finished her bath, my heart rate is pounding and I can feel my face all flushed. Plus, it’s great entertainment for Maddy, seeing her mother dance around the bathroom with an invisible partner.

It’s fun, and when you’re getting into the music, it doesn’t even seem like exercise.

I like to pick upbeat, toe-tapping music. That can be anything from Earth, Wind, & Fire, to Bruno Mars, and all the way to Motley Crue. Maddy gets a kick out of the music, and even bops her head along sometimes.

So if you’re looking to burn some extra calories tonight, or just want to put yourself in a better mood, start the tub and turn on the music!


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