Aura Cacia’s Calming Lavender Foam Bath: A Tot’s Mom’s Review

Yesterday afternoon while at the grocery store with Maddy, I spotted a little packet of bubble bath. It’s meant for kiddos, and it’s made with essential oil. Because it was cheap and the packaging oh-so cute, I simply had to buy it for my darling Maddy.


Maddy usually takes baths without bubble bath, so I was eager to see what she thought of the bubbles, and more importantly, if the lavender would work it’s sleep-promoting magic on her.


Fast forward to bath time. I started the water, and poured about half of the little packet into the tub. My first thought was how wonderful it smelled. The packaging says it contains no synthetic colors or fragrances, which is nice to know. It is also paraben free. I should also mention that it was a powder inside the packet, not a liquid.

It generated a good amount of bubbles, but not so much that Maddy was in a sea of suds. She enjoyed playing in them. I noticed something different about this bathtime compared to others: Maddy was content to sit and play in the tub for much longer than usual. Normally she is ready to get out after 15 minutes, but this time she sat in there for about 30 minutes. Maybe it was just a coincidence, or it was the lavender that mellowed her out.


When I finally got Maddy out of the tub, she had an aroma of lavender that clung to her for about an hour after getting out of the tub. And it when it came to putting her to bed, there was a little bit of fuss, but she went right to sleep like she normally does.

Overall, I really Aura Cacia’s Foam bath. It smelled great, it’s natural, and I can trust that it’s gentle enough for Maddy. It is great for kids who need some winding down before bedtime. Or adults who want some lavender relaxation! Oh, and half a packet of the powder was plenty, so I know I can get at least one more bubble bath from it.

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