I Don’t Like My Butt. Here’s What I’m Doing About It

Changing yourself to fit the likes of others is one thing, but changing yourself for yourself is another. Today, I’m talking butts.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Lately I’ve been thinking mine could use some work in both those areas. I’ve been on this kick where I feel like we should all feel happy and confident about our reflection in the mirror. For me, that means working some squats into my day 😀

Squats are great for toning up your bottom, as well as your thighs. Here are some clever ways I’ve been sneaking them in throughout the day:

When Maddy and I are watching PBS in the morning, I’ll do 10-15

When I’m making coffee or tea, I’ll knock out 10 more while waiting on the tea kettle

While Maddy is playing on the floor and we’re having down time, I’ll do another set of 10

While making lunch, I’ll do 10 more

While Maddy naps, I’ll do another 10

While Maddy is eating dinner, I’ll do 10 in the kitchen

And while Maddy is in the bathtub, I’ll do 10-20 more

That’s about 75 squats spread throughout the day. I hate exercise, but this is doable! I challenge YOU to get your butt into a perkier shape!


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