The Bitching Hour

14877033_10209614625455736_169435624_n.jpgUh oh. You know you’re in a bad mood when you need Tension Tamer tea, and doTERRA’s Clary Calm, their “monthly blend for women”…and you’re not even on your period.

I woke up thinking I would be able to sleep in a little, but that hope was quickly dashed away from me. Maybe that’s where things went sour. Then the more the morning carried on, the more I began to resemble an evil witch.

The weather is chilly, and it’s raining outside, which sets the perfect (imperfect) tone. Maddy’s mood is rollercoastering between little darling and sugar devil. It’s not even noon yet (although we’re almost there), so I’ve got many hours of battle ahead of me.

My dearest and I have recently made a very nice agreement, which goes like this: Friday night is his chance to get out and hang with the guys, Saturday is my day to have mommy time, and Sunday is us time. So this evil witch gets to spend the evening to herself, brewing up some wickedness in her cauldron.

In reality, I’ll probably do my grocery shopping today, which is usually therapeutic. Retail therapy, anyone? After that, it shouldn’t be too much longer until we start winding down for the day, getting dinner ready, etc. As for my time alone tonight, I’ll probably paint my nails, read by the fire, drink champagne out of my plastic thermos-girly things like that.

Boo, witches!


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