Do We Ever Reach Our Beauty Destination?


Lotions and potions.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning, looking in the mirror and thinking “Ahh, finally. After all these years of facials and teeth whitening and eyebrow plucking, I’ve finally reached my destination.” Can you imagine that? Just, being finished? 

Unfortunately, we don’t finish beauty like we finish high school-long and grueling, but once you graduate, that’s it for life. It seems that beauty, whatever that means to you, is something ongoing, something close but just out of reach.

I’m a big offender. I’ve come a long way since high school, but I still won’t let myself be content with how I look. If it’s not a skin blemish, it’s an extra pound or two. Do you think people ever reach a point where they’re completely content with how they look, and don’t think there’s anymore that needs to be done?

That’s all from me, just a simple little thought to ponder.


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