Parenting Hack To Get Kids To Eat Healthy, Whole Grain Cereal

Maddy is SO picky with food. If you’re eating it and she sees you, she’ll want some no matter what it is. But put it in front of her  and she doesn’t want it.

Cereal is a staple food and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have at least one kind they really like. Kashi’s shredded wheat cereals are my favorite, especially the cinnamon one. They’re also organic, so what’s not to love?

Once Maddy hit the picky-with-food stage, I had to come up with new foods to try her with, and clever ways of giving it to. Like, spinach in smoothies.

When I’m crunched for time and want to give her something that I’ll know she’ll eat, and that’s healthy, I bring out the Kashi. What I do is pour some in a mug, pour in a little bit of milk, and let the shredded wheat absorb the milk so that they’re soft. I then spoon them out and put them on her tray to gobble up.

Doing it this way is great because she gets the milk with the cereal without the mess of spilling, and she can easily pick the cereal up without needing utensils. Give it a try!


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