Coffee Therapy


Ever since being a mom, I’ve found peace and happiness in making a cup of coffee for myself. Something about the smell, the process, and the promise of a pick-me-up is very therapeutic for me. Having a cup of coffee can make or break my day. It can totally transform a bad, sluggish afternoon into one of inspiration and productivity. I sometimes like to add peppermint for an extra mental boost.


It’s weird. Some days I’ll have a cup of coffee, and it’s as if I haven’t even had it. It doesn’t give me that oomph I need. Then other days, like yesterday, it’s as if I’m seeing the world in color for the first time, and nothing can touch my good mood. I don’t know how people do drugs, because sometimes I can’t even handle a coffee buzz!


Some people don’t dare drink coffee after a certain time for fear it will keep them up. I fortunately do not have this problem, and enjoy a steaming cup of vitality at any time of the day.

Just talking about coffee has put me in a better mood. Have you had your cup today?


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