Happy Halloween, Witches!

14914912_10209645577509518_1759829549_n.jpgIt’s finally Halloween, my favorite holiday of the whole year. It’s a cool, sunny morning here in New Hampshire, with leaves scattered all about and frost nipping at our Jack o’lantern’s nose.

If things go right, we plan to go out for a Halloween breakfast, hopefully without our scary goblin toddler, who is as I type throwing a monstrous fit.

Speaking of the devil, she’s sporting her Halloween tutu from her New Hampshire grammy, and her Halloween onesie from her Massachusetts grammy. We hope to take her trick-or-treating, but she bats her hands at us when we try to put on her pumpkin costume. So we may end up taking her out wearing what she has on.

As for myself, I plan to dress up as white trailer trash. Now, now, don’t judge. I’m not planning on doing anything rude or crude. Just some curlers in my hair, maybe a cutoff lynyrd skynyrd t-shirt, pajama pants, and tasteless, heavy makeup 😉  Pictures to follow.

May your day be spooky, filled with lots of candy, treats, and all the pumpkin spice a girl can handle!



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