Are Kids Losing Interest In Halloween?

14937126_10209656328218279_1252458827_n.jpgLast night was Halloween, my favorite holiday. The day in general was a good one, but it didn’t feel very Halloween-y. Let me tell you about our day.

Around noon, I had to run to Wal-Mart, and I was very pleased to see that the employees were all wearing Halloween costumes. I also noticed a lot of customers purchasing bags of candy, no doubt for Trick-or-Treaters. One thing I didn’t like seeing was the big display of Christmas candy at the front of the store. Everything is too rushed and too commercialized these days, and that really kills my holiday spirit.

Anyway, it wasn’t long after getting home from Wal-Mart that we were pouring the Halloween candy into our pumpkin bowl in anticipation of candy-seekers. The first kids came around 5:30. The costumes were the typical ones: witches, indians, pumpkins, and a few I didn’t recognize. One girl even went as a Starbucks cup! I give her credit for that. I enjoy seeing the kids who get creative with their costumes and really get into the Halloween spirit.


All the kids were polite, saying “Thank You” and “Happy Halloween”. But the one thing I didn’t hear so much was good ol’ “Trick-or-treat!!”. We prompted them, asking with a smile “Are you forgetting something?”, to which they would reply “Oh yeah! Trick-or-treat!.”

I was glad to even see some teenagers. Better they’re out hunting for candy than doing who knows what else.Something I noticed that made me a little sad was that there weren’t as many kids out as in past years. The weather was fine, clear skies and not too cold. Which makes me think kids are losing interest. Technology has taken over, and I’m seeing it make kids age faster than they should.When I was 15, I was out with my friends eager to score loads of candy, not taking pictures of myself in a promiscuous costume to put on Instagram.

Maybe it’s just me being nostalgic, but I can’t help thinking that the holidays are going downhill. I’m sad to say that it may be the wave of the future.


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