Weird Bonding

When it comes to common interests, there’s a precious handful of things that Eric and I share. But for the most part, he enjoys his trucks and RC cars, while I enjoy my baking, blogging, and overall girly things.

Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship knows that your comfort zone now is very different from when you first started dating. Example; when I first began dating Eric, I would be so embarrassed by a blemish on my face. Now, he bugs me to let him pop any zits that come up from time to time. Sorry for that detailed information.

The other day we were sitting the living room watching TV, when I couldn’t help but notice the pores on his nose…I know, I’m a weirdo. I mentioned it to him, and suggested he try a Biore Pore Strip. Obviously intrigued but not wanting to show it, he “reluctantly” let me attach one of those babies to his nose.

I told him it had to dry, which may take 15 minutes. Being a smartass, he threatened to rip it off before the time was up, but I screeched “No! No! No! It needs to feel like papier mache!”.

15 minutes went by, and I was eager to tear that bad boy off and examine our results. As I was moving my hands to grab the pore strip, Eric swatted a hand at me, explaining that it was his nose so he ought to look first.

I’ll spare you details, but I will say that Eric definitely seemed fascinated. As a man, he doesn’t have any pore stripping in his background…that I know of.

The moral of this little story is that you can bond over the most unexpected things. And this one gave us a good laugh afterward.


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