Soul Glitter

14937118_10209674712037863_50385502_n.pngWe all have our favorite ways to unwind after a long day. For some, it’s a favorite TV show. For others, it’s a glass of wine. While I do enjoy a nice glass of vino, my latest way to relax is by hopping onto my Pinterest app.

No, I’m not looking at food porn, decorating tips, or even cute pictures of puppies. What I am looking at is my board, “Soul Glitter”, which, believe it not, is dozens of pictures of glitter, bokeh, and things of that nature.


I don’t know why this is relaxing to me, it just is. Maybe it’s the bright lights and tantalizing images. It’s sort of like a stress ball for my brain.





My favorite images are the ones with glitter, and the surreal looking ones of wine glass bokeh. It reminds me of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If I could blow these images up, frame them, and hang them throughout the house, I certainly would. Although I don’t know how everyone else would feel about pictures of glitter on the wall..

I’m girly and glitter and sparkly lights are my thing, but if that’s not you, you could search for images that better suit your “happy place”.


I encourage you to try!

xx Peace, love, and glitter xx

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