Where Were You A Year Ago?


Today I made the 45 minute drive home to my parents’ house in Massachusetts, with Maddy in tow. To some people a 45 minute drive may seem tedious and exhausting, but I actually enjoy it.

Now that the weather is getting chilly, I find it very comfortable to sit in the car with the heat blasting, listening to the radio and giggling with Maddy.

Today I got to thinking about this time last year. What is the same, and what’s different.

A year ago today, I was very likely driving home to MA, only Maddy would have been a year younger, making her about 9 months old.

I like to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts on the way home. My 2016 drink of choice is a medium iced coffee, black. Last year it would have been a small vanilla coffee, with two splenda and cream.

I  was probably listening to the same radio station last year-either classic hits or “today’s best variety”.

Some things are very different now. Like my hair style, my jeans, and my overall outlook. That has changed for the better.

It’s funny how some things can transition so drastically in a year, and how some things remain the same. Like radio stations and car rides.

I tend to feel a little nostalgic looking back on the previous year. But I find comfort in the routine things that haven’t changed.

Where were you a year ago?


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