Have You Tried Miss Spa’s Sheet Masks?


I found this gem of a face mask while aimlessly strolling the aisles of Target, my wallet’s arch enemy. I saw it and had to get it.

What it is: A face mask, in the form of a sheet you attach to your face. Yes, I thought it was weird at first, too. It’s meant to detox, revealing clearer looking skin. According to its packaging (which is oh-so cute!), it is “pre-treated” with “minerals and botanicals”. Sounds promising to me! It is also paraben-, artificial dye-, and sulfate-free.

When I opened the foil package…I noticed it was very wet inside. What I found was a folded up, black on one side, white on the other, paper-like sheet. I peeled the white side off, as the directions said to.

The black colored mask felt similar to a baby wipe, and was very wet. Upon opening it up, I noticed holes for eyes, nose, and mouth. I had a little trouble lining everything up correctly, but I got it. It was plenty big.

When I first put it on my skin…it was very cold! But I sucked it up and pressed the edges of it around my face to adhere it. I was expecting a girly, pretty smell, but I was surprised that there was actually no scent to it. Which is fine.

The directions said to wait 20 minutes. They didn’t say anything about it drying. So I set the timer for 20 minutes. About 5-10 minutes in, I noticed my skin starting to tingle, like those minerals and botanicals were sucking the evil out of my pores.


Once the 20 minutes was up…I pulled the black sheet off of my face. The directions on the back of the package said to pat any of the remaining solution into your skin. But my face was pretty moist, so I just let it dry on its own.


The used, twisted up mask! Looks scary!

When I looked in the mirror…I was very impressed! I had never tried a Miss Spa mask before, or a sheet mask for that matter. So I didn’t quite know what to expect. But I liked what I saw. My skin really did look clear, and not irritated at all, which sometimes happens with masks. It also looked dewy and hydrated. ❤

The bottom line: I really liked this mask! I’m glad I saw it and tried it. 5 hours later, my skin is still looking good. I definitely plan to use it again. I recommend it to anyone looking to “reveal clear skin”!


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