This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for Coffee

I’m glad I have my health, and I love my family.

That said, I’d like to pay homage to the star of the show: caffeine.


Where do I begin? In the morning when I’m feeling particularly grumpy and  fretting that my day is doomed, I think to myself ,”Self, have you had coffee yet?”, and that turns everything around.

Eric’s Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve always bring a bag of coffee grounds whenever they come over to the house. When I see them walking in I always think to myself “Fantastic, you’ve brought the coffee. Let’s get brewing.”


Dramatic New England sky.

They’ll be seated at our Thanksgiving table next Thursday, and I’m sure they’d agree that a piece of pie paired with a piping cup of coffee is simply divine.

Turkey overdone? No problem, coffee. Relatives making you batshit crazy? No problem, coffee. Dishes piling up in the sink? No problem, coffee.

Thanksgiving morning I’ll wake up and make myself a cup of coffee, and prepare for the meal-making, relative-visiting chaos. Then, during the meal I’ll likely enjoy a nice cup of coffee spiked with Bailey’s. And after that, I’ll get my Black Friday game face on by sipping on a hot cup of coffee with a candy cane melted into it.

Coffee makes the impossible seem possible, the intolerable people tolerable, and turns the crankiest of moods into happy and pleasant ones.

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