Korean Face Mask: “Green Tea Collagen Essence” Review

As promised, I’m going to be reviewing all 15 of the face masks I received as a birthday gift. They are made by a Korean skin care line called “Dermal”.

The first one I chose to try this morning was the green tea collagen essence mask.

According to its package, it is for “Firming. Moisturizing. Health.”


It comes in a foil packet, with one sheet mask inside. When I first opened it and pulled out the mask, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it smelled.

The mask was white, and folded up. When I unfolded it, I was quickly able to make out holes for eyes, nose and mouth. Unsurprisingly it was a little chilly on my skin when I first stuck it on.

Per the directions, which were translated into English,  I patted the mask onto my face and fit it to the contours.

I’d like to say that my toddler couldn’t take me seriously while wearing the mask, and that’s why she wasn’t listening to me, but I don’t think that had anything to do with it. I did look pretty ridiculous! Needless to say the mask is a one size fits all, so it was a little big, but I made it work.


It was big enough that I had to fold the excess over.

The mask is supposed to sit for 15-20 minutes. If I didn’t have to run around the house chasing my toddler, I could have easily laid down and enjoyed the pleasant smell and cool sensation of the mask.

I learned from last week when I tried my first sheet mask, that they aren’t intended to dry. So I wasn’t surprised when the mask was still very moist towards the end of the twenty minutes.

When I peeled it off…I did so while looking in the mirror. I was eager to see how well it worked! Just like with the sheet mask from last week, my skin was super dewy after taking it off. I guess that’s what happens when you have a wet sheet on your face for twenty minutes! I’m writing this review about three hours after using the mask, and as I touch my fingers to my face, it feels especially soft. It also has kept the clear, more even look that I first noticed after removing the mask.

The bottom line: While I enjoy trying face masks of all shapes and sizes, there’s something I particularly enjoy about the sheet ones. That alone would lead me to say yes, I would try this one again. It made my skin soft, and I really enjoyed the scent. Next time, maybe after my daughter goes to bed!

1 down, 14 more masks to go!


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