Stressed Mom Bath Bomb


This weekend my mom gave me a lovely box of Rejuvelle bath bombs, a six pack to be exact. They are all wrapped in different colored tissue paper, and almost look like candies. They are made with essential oil, and they smell soooo wonderful.


The bath bomb contains lavender, marjoram, and ylang essential oils. A heavenly combination.

I’m stressed. Very stressed. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving eve, AKA Crunch Time, this is my last day before the chaos to cool my shit.

I kicked off the morning with a tasty butternut squash smoothie to get in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately my toddler is being especially unruly today, and that’s making into a mommy monster.

Then it hit me. Why not take a nice warm bath with Maddy, and use the “Stressed Mom” bath bomb? We could have our own Mommy & Me Spa Day. Bombs away!

So fast forward to after nap time. I’m sure Maddy was delighted when I said “Do you want to take a tub with Mama?”. When we got into the tub, I gingerly unwrapped the tissue paper-wrapped bath bomb, which makes a bit of a mess when it gets wet 😀 Inside was a pearly white ball that hit us with a  blast of fragrance.

I held it under the water and watched as it fizzed and danced. I gave it to Maddy to hold, and the look on her face was a cross between sheer terror and mild amusement.

About a minute later the bath bomb had completely dissolved. And within minutes, I noticed that both of our skin felt super moist, as if I had put coconut oil on. It was then that I remembered reading something on the package about the bath bomb moisturizing skin.

We relaxed for a while, the calming aroma clinging in the air and sinking into our skin the entire time.

When we finally did get out and brave the chilly air, our skin was still silky smooth to the touch. I was hoping the smell of the essential oils would have lasted a little longer on my skin. But all in all I very much enjoyed the bath bomb, and can appreciate the fact that it’s made with something as natural as essential oils.

I’m looking forward to my next bath bomb, maybe this time just mommy. 😉


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