The Holidays As A Health Freak

I remember when I was pregnant, Eric’s parents and sister had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and sister. It was the first holiday spent together.

Needless to say my family knew and understood (and for the most part agreed) with my healthy choices, and what some may call “intense” strictness.

At the time I was still somewhat new to Eric’s family, and for whatever reason I felt a little embarrassed by my healthy-freak ways. Especially because I know a lot of people look at it like “What’s the point?”.

As I was saying, it was our first Thanksgiving together. Once the meal was on the table and dinner was underway, someone asked me if I cared for a roll. I don’t remember who, or exactly what my response was, but after I declined, my dad chimed in with “Gosh, you’re so disciplined!”. He meant it as a compliment. After that I felt my face burning deep red. I don’t remember what, if anything, my response was.

This Thursday our families will be together again, along with a few others. If my dad were to make a similar comment this year, my reaction now would probably be a hearty laugh and maybe a “Thanks!”.  I’m no longer shy or let myself feel like the black sheep because I strive to eat healthy.

I can’t speak for other “health freaks”, but I have a feeling that some may feel the same as I did. To tell the truth, I still feel a little conspicuous and even judged (not necessarily in a bad way), when I’m checking out of the grocery store and 90% of my groceries are fruits and vegetables. Though I haven’t been able to figure out why I feel that way. Especially because the one time someone made a comment about it, it was the cashier who said she liked that I had a bunch of fruits and veggies!

Most of the time at family parties, the snack spread is about 95% of things that I won’t eat, and the other 5% is one of those typical veggie platters. Which is fine. I’ve learned to either bring a Larabar or other snack with me, or have a big lunch beforehand. This may sound silly and childish to some people, but it just isn’t worth it to me to eat the junk.

Fortunately Eric’s family is wonderful, and after the first few times of me declining a brownie or piece of cake, they now know I try to avoid those things. Although I will occasionally enjoy a piece of birthday cake or a cookie from our annual holiday cookie party.

So no, this Thanksgiving I will not be having rolls or butter, maybe a small helping of stuffing, and certainly veggies, turkey, and most definitely a slice of pumpkin pie…there’s got to be some treats in life! 😉

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