Why I Use Washcloths Instead Of Baby Wipes At Mealtime


I started something new recently. It’s partially due to the weather getting colder.

I’ve replaced baby wipes  with warm washcloths at most meals. I’m finding that it’s easier to clean up the highchair this way, and the washcloth gets up more of the greasy, slimy, sticky stuff than a baby wipe does.

Yes, it creates a little bit more laundry, but I don’t do any more loads than I already do.

In addition to the washcloth being easier to clean up with, I’m also using them because baby wipes can be so cold. Maddy got some yogurt down her neck this morning at breakfast, and she was much more agreeable with me using a warm cloth to clean it up.

Maybe you’re already doing this, or maybe you’re like me and this hadn’t crossed your mind until now. But I encourage you to try it. It’s one of those things that are so trivial, but can make a big difference. I know my daughter agrees, because having a cold, wet baby wipe in your face is not so pleasant!


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