Are You Taking The Necessary Actions To Prevent Neck Sagging?


I was leafing through an issue of Marie Claire last night and saw an ad that stuck out to me. It was for StriVectin, a cream that tightens your neck.

But this cream fights something specific, it’s called “Tech Neck”. Which is essentially the sagging of skin on our necks due to the repeated motion of looking down at our devices.

While I’m sure “Tech Neck” is a term coined by StriVectin to help them sell more of their miracle potion, they do make a valid point.

The skin on our necks is delicate and can show aging just like on our faces. I hadn’t thought about what constantly looking down at my phone was doing to my skin, but it makes sense.

So, what can we do to help this? My philosophy is that prevention is the cheapest and most effective way to help the aging process go more smoothly. That said, here’s my advice:

  1. Use a lotion with SPF in it, ¬†like Oil of Olay, on your neck everyday. An aesthetician once told me it’s best to apply the lotion in an upward motion.
  2. Get off your phone for a while. Seriously!
  3. Good posture

Over time, I’m sure these simple measures will certainly payoff.

May you have firm, ageless necks!


3 thoughts on “Are You Taking The Necessary Actions To Prevent Neck Sagging?

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