Have You Ever Tried An Herb Face Mask?


For my birthday I received a 15 pack of facial sheet masks made by the Korean brand, Dermal. They range from green tea to collagen masks, and even one called “Platinum”. So far I have been pleased with the two masks I’ve tried.

Slowly I’m getting around to trying each of them and doing a review. I try to space them out by a couple of days so that my skin doesn’t get irritated, and my results are more accurate.

This morning the “Herb” one really spoke to me 😀

According to its package, it is meant for: “Soothing. Convergence. Moisturizing.”

Upon opening the foil packet, I pulled out the white, folded sheet.


The scent: Just like with the green tea mask I previously tried, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mask had a very nice scent to it. It didn’t necessarily conjure up images of herbs, but that is kind of vague.

When you open the mask, you see that there are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. The mask is large enough to fit even the biggest of faces 😀

The directions say to…fit the mask to the contours of your face, then let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

It’s supposed to stay wet, it does not dry on your face. 

As with the other mask, I really enjoyed the cooling sensation of the mask. Unfortunately I was doing dishes while wearing it, so I didn’t have a chance to sit & relax with it.

I waited 20 minutes. Then I peeled off the mask. My face remained slightly moist for about 5 minutes after.

When I looked in the mirror: I loved what I saw! My skin looked even and dewy! It truly looked great. I asked Eric, my boyfriend, how I looked and he said “Glowy.” Aw 🙂

After my skin was completely dry, I put on my sunscreen like usual. My skin feels moist.

The bottom line: So far I am very pleased with this Korean brand. Those masks really pack a punch, and leave skin looking its very best. I would use this mask again.



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