10 Simple Things That Made This Thanksgiving Better Than Others


I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. Ours was good, surrounded by family, friends, and an abundance of delicious food. We have a lot to be thankful for.

As I was eating my dinner, I was thinking to myself that this year seemed to be an especially good Thanksgiving. Upon asking myself why this was, it occurred to me that some elements were done differently than in any other year. Here are 10 things that led to an exceptionally beautiful day.

  1. We cleaned and cooked in advance. Instead of the usual frenzy of cleaning that happens the morning of, I had been doing little things to get the house into shape the past few weeks. A good chunk of the baking was done last night as well.
  2. A large crowd. While hosting 20 people for Thanksgiving may seem like a daunting task, it actually gave us more to look forward to. In previous years it has just been immediate family. The more the merrier, right?
  3. Unexpected compliments. This morning I did a half-up-half-down hairstyle, and thought it looked pretty good. But Eric had another idea. He said to me “You should put your hair down, and do this.” , making a sweeping motion with his hands as he said it. “Here, let me just do it for you”, he said. What he did was use his finger to part my hair to the side, and “fluffed” it with his hand. I got compliments on my hair from three different people!
  4. An impromptu fire. Once the cleaning and last minute cooking were mostly done, Eric and I were able to sneak out to the yard for a little bit while Maddy was napping and sit by the fire he had made. It was very peaceful, being surrounded by woods, smelling the fire and watching the smoke spiral up to the gray sky.
  5. Unexpected conversation. Although Eric and I have been together for years, there are certain members of his family that haven’t meant my mine. There is a warm feeling that comes when watching two families come together and chat as if they’d known each other for years.
  6. Cousins. This is the first Thanksgiving that Maddy has taken part in. Last year she was only 9 months old. Her cousin was here today, she’s a little bit older than Maddy. Watching the two of them play together put a smile on my face. I was also thankful for Maddy to have someone to keep her occupied.
  7. A drop of whiskey in my tea. Yes, that’s right. As the guests were slowly starting to arrive, I made myself a hot cup of tea and added a sprinkling of Jack Daniels. To relax, ya know? 😉
  8. Being appreciated. Eric’s mom made a point of acknowledging the things I had done, and a simple comment like that can mean a lot to a person, and it did.
  9. Lowered expectations. The original plan was to have a sitdown meal and pass the food around the table. With 20 people, it soon became clear that that wasn’t going to happen, so we changed plans and did it buffet style instead. This worked out much better, and made clean up easier.
  10. Pumpkin pie and a glass of wine. There’s nothing like relaxing afterward with a tall glass of wine and a plate of delicious pumpkin pie.



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