A Spa Night With My Boyfriend


Luscious bath bombs in beautiful tissue paper.

Wednesday night started off a little rocky. Eric and I were both tired, and we knew we had a full day of Thanksgiving tasks ahead of us.

After I put Maddy to bed, I joined Eric on the couch and we ended up playing video games together and having a good time. Around 9 o’clock I figured I ought to head up to bed.

As I lay there in the dark room, it became clear that I was not getting to sleep anytime soon. Probably thanks to the coffee I had before dinner. Oh well!

So back downstairs I went, to join Eric, who was still up watching TV.

After a little while, I turned to him and said “Hey, you know what? We should take a bath.” He pondered what I had said, and then responded with a cheerful “Ok.”

Score! Call me girly and romantic, but I had been bugging Eric to soak up some suds with me for a while. I’m at my most peaceful state when I’m sitting in a hot tub, and I wanted to experience that with him. I should mention that we have a fairly large whirlpool tub.

Like a child, I eagerly skipped to the bathroom to get the water started and pick out the perfect bath bomb for the occasion. “Vanilla Surprise” seemed a little more Eric’s taste than “Garden of the Gods”, so we went with that one.

A bath bomb virgin, Eric didn’t know whether it was meant to be used with it’s adorable tissue paper wrapping on or off. I thought that was kinda cute 😀

Now that we had the perfect bath bomb picked out, we got in. I like my water to be piping hot, and almost skin-melting. Eric, on the other hand, likes his to be at a temperature fit for humans. So we met in the middle.

Eric had been promising me a backrub, and I thought this was the perfect time to ask for it. If you’ve never experienced a back massage while sitting in a vanilla scented bath, I highly reccomend it. I think that it’s good for the soul.

Maybe it’s the desire I’ve always had to be a hairdresser, or my clean freak personality, either way I really enjoyed giving Eric’s hair a good scrubbing, which gets greasy from work and wearing his hat all the time. I know that he enjoyed.

At one point it was he who asked that we just lay with our eyes closed and enjoy the warmth of the tub.

If I had had a face mask and body scrub nearby, I would have definitely made Eric my spa client.

Once we were fully relaxed and cleaned head to toe, we called it a night and got out. I have no doubt that Eric enjoyed it thoroughly, whether he thought he would or not.

I asked him about it the next day, and he told me that he really did enjoy it. He seemed very sincere. Despite what I may make Eric out the seem like, what with all the girly things I do with him, he’s actually a very manly man who enjoys working on his trucks and getting dirty. That said, it means a lot to me when he goes along with the things I like to do that are a little “feminine”.

But if you ask me, anyone can enjoy and appreciate the healing powers of a warm bubbling bath, male or female!

YOU should give it a try!



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