A Winter Beauty Checklist


  • Super duper, super effective hand cream? My hands gets naaasty in the Winter, all cracked and even bloody. Don’t let this be you!
  • Warm socks? A good tip is to slather on some lotion fresh out of the shower, then cover up your feet (and prevent slipping!) with warm socks. I really like SmartWool ones,  a gift from Eric’s mom every Christmas.
  • Chapstick? Almost as bad as my hands, my lips do not scream “Kiss Me” in the Winter time. This year I’ll be prepared. I’m using the classic little jar of DCT by Blistex.


  • A good body exfoliator? For when your skin does get dry, you can slough it right off and start new 😉 If you want your skin to glow like holiday lights, try my homemade scrub, here: https://cheatsheethomemaker.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/glow-like-holiday-lights-body-scrub/
  • Green tea? Not only is green tea tasty, it’s also fantastic for your skin. So maybe instead of guzzling down all the calories in a cup of hot chocolate, warm up with green tea instead.
  • Flattering sweaters? When the weather forces us to dress warm, we still want to look good. Especially for all those holiday photos.
  • cream facial cleanser? A couple years ago I learned that facial cleansers that are light and liquid-y are best in the Summer, and creamy ones are best in the Winter.
  • A facial moisturizer? As with my hands and lips, my face can get incredibly and it is not attractive. I’m known to literally sit on top of our pellet stove, and sit with my face inches away from it, which is not doing my dry skin any favors. But that’s why moisturizer is important.
  • Sunscreen. Don’t be fooled. Just because Mr. Sun isn’t showering us in sunshine doesn’t mean that our skin is perfectly safe. You should wear sunscreen 365 days a year. I used to not wear it because it made me breakout, but that was until I found Neutrogena’s Clear Skin Sunscreen. Here you can read my thoughts on it: https://cheatsheethomemaker.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/tested-and-found-to-be-true-a-sunscreen-that-doesnt-cause-breakouts/


  • A good quality shampoo? Now that the weather is turning cold, I’m noticing that my hair stands on end like a troll doll when I brush. It’s all that damn static electricity. Protect yourself! I love Schwarzkopf’s shampoo!

I hope this list has helped you to be more prepared for this upcoming, and maybe you thought of something you hadn’t before. Stay warm ❤

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