Clove, Lemon, & Essential Oil Trash Can Freshener


Whenever I empty our trash can, it’s left with the awful smell of dirty diapers, no matter how many trash bags we use. I usually soak it in tea tree oil or lemon essential oil, but today I wanted to try something different.

What I did was toss into the empty trash can a small handful of whole cloves, 2 drops of lemon essential oil, and two drops of doTERRA’s On Guard blend.

I then filled the trash can up with hot water and let it sit in the bath tub for about two hours.

After I poured out all the water, the trash can smelled so much better, like fragrant spices! This would be good to do now that the holidays are here and many of us have guests visiting our homes. You can try any essential combination that you like.

If you are interested in purchasing any doTERRA essential oils for yourself, please visit my site:



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