Kicking Off December With A Small Miracle


I will be blunt and say that I worry about money. I’ve got a couple things that I have due, and it seems like it’s one thing after another.

Yesterday one of my main causes of stress was trying to figure out how to pay for it all.

Before I continue, here’s a little backstory: earlier this year, back in January, Eric and I both bought $1 scratch tickets for laughs. I scratched mine as soon as we got home, and I won a whopping $1. I intended to take it back to the store and buy yet another, but never got around to it.

That ticket sat on our bedroom dresser for 10 months, until last night I got sick of seeing it. I actually threw it away, but thought better of it.

Last night as Eric was getting ready to head out to the store to pick up soda, I handed the ticket to him, saying “Here, I’m tired of looking at this. Will you cash it in and get me one more?”.

When Eric got home and handed me a new ticket, I read the directions and eagerly got to work scratching. I was taken aback for a moment when I saw what looked to me like I had won something. I handed it to Eric, thinking I must have misunderstood.

He gave it a close look, and said “No dear, it looks like you just won $25!” He then scratched off the rest of the numbers, and examined the ticket.

I couldn’t believe it when he then said “ just won $100!”. We couldn’t believe it! That $1 scratch ticket really paid off! Eric was a little jealous, and reminded me that it was he who had the luck of picking out that particular ticket. I reassured him that it was all going to boring things, like bills or groceries.

As wonderful as $100 is, I didn’t plan to spend it on anything for myself. What I did do was buy groceries with it this morning, which is a big help. I thanked God last night before going to bed, and a thought struck me. It seems that in my life, when I think I’m in dire straits, something always gives and things work out somehow.

Maybe it was the magic of the Christmas season, or something beyond our comprehension that came to my aid. Either way, I am truly grateful for it.


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