Royal Jelly Face Mask Review

Last night I was sick as a dog. I had body aches and a terrible chill. The only thing that somewhat helped was sitting in a boiling bath. Of course I would choose this time to do a face mask review. Killing two birds with one stone, right?


The truth is that I thought sitting in a warm tub, while keeping my face cool with a mask might help my situation. Let me tell you about it.

The mask I chose last night (trust me, I have a wide selection) was a Royal Jelly one. It is for skin “Nutrition”, “Moisturizing”, and “Refining”. It is made by a Korean brand called “Dermal”.


I’ve tried four Dermal brand masks so far. One thing I’ve been especially impressed with is how good these masks smell. I really didn’t know what Royal Jelly would smell like in face mask form, but I loved it.

There are holes cut out of the mask for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Most of the directions are in Korean, but there is a section where it has been translated into English. It says to apply the mask to your face, fitting it to your contours. The mask is to be worn for 15-20 minutes. It is not supposed to dry.

In the physical and mental state that I was in last night, I didn’t even notice the mask feeling chilly on my skin like it usually does. I did enjoy the fragrance though, almost like a light floral smell (I’m not very good at describing smells).

I wore the mask for probably closer to 25 minutes. When I peeled it off and touched a hand to my face, my skin felt nice and dewy. I looked at it in the mirror and noticed it was very light, due to being sick. Other than that, my skin looked really good. The theme I’m noticing with these masks is that they all make your skin look dewy and supple after using.

I went up to bed as soon as I left the bathroom. My skin felt very moisturized for a while after taking off the mask, because I remember it feeling wet against my pillow.

Now, each mask has a three-word description at the bottom of the package, this one was “Nutrition. Moisturizing. Refining.”  Each masks purpose is slightly varied. With the other ones I’ve used,  I haven’t noticed any specific results pertaining to what the description of the mask is, other than the moisturizing part. BUT this morning when I washed my face, I noticed some dead skin coming off, which doesn’t typically happen. I’m wondering if that had to do with the mask, since it did say “Refining”.

Would I use this mask again? I would. Mainly because I loved the scent, it’s probably my favorite so far. And if it truly was the mask the helped some dead skin loosen itself from my face, then that’s all the more reason to try it again.


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