Scenes From A New England Christmas Fair


The gingerbread cookies are a big hit each year. They are homemade by different church members, and they are never lacking in creativity. This year there were even some “yoga” gingerbread ladies.

Christmas in New England holds a special place in my heart. Old farmhouses dressed up in colorful lights, bright green wreaths hung from old Colonial doors, and the thrill that comes from picking out the perfect Christmas tree.

Every year my hometown church holds its annual Christmas fair. There are couple other fairs that happen the same day.

The fairs are full of homemade crafts, beautiful candies and baked goodies, and lots of other things. Our church even gets visited by a group of carolers each year, singing to the visitors as they shop and enjoy their lunch.

I may be a little biased, but I believe that our Unitarian church has the best of all the fairs in town. We serve a delicious homemade lunch each year, which features the best paninis and soups you ever tasted. This year there was a butternut cider bisque, the world’s best corn chowder made by our friend Walter, homemade cornbread, and paninis served three different delicious ways.

Enough with the talking, here are some of the photos I captured from today’s Christmas fair.






The goodie table. We have in our congregation what I am convinced to be some of the best bakers in the world.


Oreo truffles, peanut brittle, pizzelles, biscotti, and toffee, just to name a few.



A delicious panini hot off the panini press. We were lucky enough to have David, a fellow church member, do the cooking. David is very skilled at his craft, and is the chef and owner of a BBQ place in town.



Delicious bisque.



David hard at work.




The carolers taking a break from singing to converse with lunch goers. It is not uncommon for friends to run into each other at our Christmas fair, and to share a bowl of soup and warm conversation.



I hope that you enjoyed seeing this little sneak peek into life here in New England. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else ❤







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