I Tried A Snail Face Mask For The First Time

That’s right, I said snail. Let me tell you what I thought of it.

Dermal is the Korean brand that makes the mask. Everything is in Korean except for a small section with English directions, so I don’t know how exactly snail is incorporated into this mask.

The purpose of the mask: “Regeneration” “Moisturizing” “Nutrition”



How to use: It’s simple, the mask comes in the form of a sheet that you lay on your face, fitting it to your contours. It’s a little cold on your skin at first. There are holes in the mask so you can obviously see and breathe. The mask is to be kept on for 15-20 minutes. The excess moisture left behind from the mask can be dabbed into your skin.


Yikes…a little scary.

How it smells: Light and pleasant. I don’t know what snail smells like so I can’t say for sure that it does or does not remind me of a snail. Either way, I didn’t mind it.

How it feels: Very wet and cold at first! Especially when you’re pressing it into your skin. My face is a little dry this time of year so the first minute or two of wearing the mask resulted in a mild sting. But that quickly went away.

After 20 minutes: I passed the time watching TV and enjoying the cool sensation of the mask. Once 20 minutes was up, I peeled the mask off of my face. Like with other sheet masks, my skin felt very wet afterward.

My skin looked: Even and dewy. It really looks great, this is probably my favorite sheet mask I’ve tried by this brand. I put some lotion on afterwards to lock in the moisture. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought that the last time my skin glowed this much was when I had a facial done.


No photoshopping. 


Would I use this mask again? Definitely. It delivered great results.


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